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Real Estate Brokerage looking for motivated individuals! You can be either non-licensed or a licensed agent. We are willing to meet any motivated individuals looking to learn about the industry and grow their horizons.

Divine Real Estate is a brokerage that was created for investors and people aspiring to be investors. We do not compete with your common real estate offices. Although we can assist all buyers and sellers of real estate, we take the education for our agents further by teaching them how to help investor and commercial clients. By teaching our agents how to assist our investor clients, inevitably, our agents tend to become investors themselves. We love when our agents become apart of the action rather than just selling to others.

We do not make you apart of our system – we will show you how to make your own. We provide an umbrella for you to flourish and have the professional freedom with your own business. Learn from people who don’t just know how to do it, they are currently doing it. We are 100% transparent.

We have an extremely aggressive cap out commission split with negotiating options as you grow.

Divine Real Estate has offices in Boston, MA, Providence, RI, Fall River, MA , and Westport, MA.



Education and an extensive professional network to help you build a profitable side business that could ultimately lead to financial freedom

-When to hire assistants

-How to perform transactions consistently

  • How to increase the amount of transactions you are currently doing

-How to create a full pipeline

-What a proven marketing plan consists of

-What is hard/private money

-What is wholesaling

-How to flip property

-How to underwrite deals

-How to JV/raise

-Using your commissions to leverage your purchases

-What is seller financing

-Many more interesting topics you hear about



Sales support and back-office paperwork support

A custom proven education program

Advanced mentoring on a weekly basis

A reputable team of motivated individuals

Maintain a flexible schedule

Work in a high energy business oriented culture

Administrative support

New Agent Sales Training/Mentor Program

Office space for you to work 24/7

Work in person, remotely, full time, or part time at your own pace

If this seems interesting to you fill out the above form and we will reach out to see how we can help you hit your real estate goals.

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